About Us


Milipol Equipment Trading “METQA” was established based on Qatar Security Services, the major national vision engaged in supplying innovative systems and equipment in the State of Qatar.


To meet the requirement of Qatar Vision & Deserves and International Quality Standards, we partner with worldwide companies specialized in specific fields; experts in supplying, sourcing and repairing equipment and components for: 

  • Aerospace equipment and components

  • Marine Industry, spare parts and overhaul

  • Land Services from Obsolete military and commercial spare parts for a new systems.


 “Milipol Equipment Trading “METQA” is the link between buyers, purchasing advisors, users, security and safety experts, manufacturers and distributors, where deals are made for a better,safer future for all.”


Therefore, we are glad to provide you with our products and our innovations in the security and forensic market.




Y  o  u  r      R  e  l  i  a  b  l  e      P  a  r  t  n  e  r

Aviation Partner

Aerospace industry is so vast and you will get many platforms over the world, we strive to become the leading commercial company that specializes in the technical support of defence and civil aircraft.

Marine Partner

With shared values of quality, customer service, best practice, ethics and integrity, Milipol Equipment and their partners are excited to be working together to better serve and develop global client support.

Technology Partner

Besides the rude competition and diversity and based on our know-how to define exactly your needs, we provide you with the best technological partner for your business to meet your expectations.

Our Mission

We have worldwide links with all major manufacturers holding immediate stock at competitive prices, which enables us to fulfill the needs of our customers by reducing their waiting time for required spare parts.

We provide optimized, cost effective and customer oriented Air/Sea/Land solutions with our professional approach.  We create hyper-specific initiatives that directly create value.


Our Team

We operate at the higher levels, day-to-day to respond to the customer expectations and provide the best solution for their key business functions.

To show you the most effective results, we have chosen an exceptional team who has a track record of successfully executing entrusted projects in the Security sector, Ministries, Intl JV and many other organizations in Qatar and overseas.